Freshmen parents: Taking Care of Business Days is not just for students!

Parent Resource Sessions
Wednesday, August 19th
8:00 am for surnames starting A-K
9:30 am for surnames starting L-Z

While your student heads off to do what they need to do at Taking Care of Business Days, get the “inside scoop” in the Media Center during the Parent Resource Sessions on Wednesday, August 19th.

Learn the answers to these and any other questions you may have:

  • “How do I pick up/drop off my student during all this construction?”
  • “What do most kids do about lunch, buy or bring?”
  • “What do I do if my kid decides to play a sport?”
  • “What if my kid needs tutoring?” OR “…needs a place to study after school?”
  • “How do I talk to my kid about homework, parties, driving…?”
  • “When do I have to start worrying about signing my kid up for the SAT?”
  • “I want to volunteer but my kid is embarrassed to see me on campus, what should I do? (Or, “I work now, but I want to help out at school, what can I do?”)
  • “What’s the best source to get the truth about any rumors going around?”

Here’s a tip: give yourself plenty of time to fill out everything required for TCB Days. Once you sit down with all the paperwork you may be surprised at how long it all takes. Download forms here needed for “Taking Care of Business” days.

By the way, Taking Care of Business (AKA “TCB”) is the time for students to:

  • return completed school and Foundation forms
  • take school pictures for ID badges and yearbook photos (except senior portraits)
  • pay for the ASB sticker, yearbook, PSAT, and other items
  • turn in the parking application
  • pick up class schedules
  • buy SDA spiritwear
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