Know when to hold ’em: the Inaugural Poker Tournament!

WHEN: May 6th, 2017 7pm – Midnight

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Click on the image above to download the flyer for this event

WHERE: American Legion, San Dieguito Post 416, 210 W F St, Encinitas, CA 92024

$50 Buy-In
Texas Hold ‘Em, No Limit
You Feel Lucky Punk?
Optional Cash Games
No Host Bar
Yummy, Yummy Snacks

RSVP: OR CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS (remember to indicate your shirt size in the “special instructions” box at PayPal.)


As a wise-ish man once said, “You can’t win if you don’t play.”

You won’t bust on the first hand (Seriously, don’t chase the flush. Please fold. Now.)

For the price of 11 cappuccinos you could be crowned the World SDA Poker Champion!

Please come play some cards, have some laughs, and support our school. Netflix can wait.

The biggest loser will be encouraged to streak Cardiff.

Maybe you’ll win a prize, or a small trophy, or a hug from Bjorn, but the point is to raise money to help enrich the student experience at SDA.

Even if you don’t like poker, come on by and we will shake you down for a small donation. You’re welcome.


By law, 90% of the Buy-In must go to The SDA Foundation, where it will go to help our kids. Therefore, by definition, keep your expectations of cash prizes minimal.

Download the flyer for this event! Or click here to buy tickets! (Don’t forget to tell us your shirt size in the “special instructions” box at PayPal.)

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