WE DID IT! You helped us raise $2,200 to support Skate PE!


A group of motivated students prepared a petition and presented it to the Administration, asking for the return of the popular Skateboard PE class.

The Physical Education accepted the petition, offered the class, and the kids got enough sign-ups to make the class feasible.

They reached out to the City of Encinitas for use of the skateboard facility at their new park close to the school. The city was not able to accommodate their request for this year.

Our PE department chair then contacted the YMCA, and they agreed to rent the skate park for the spring term for a sum of $2,200.

Please help us raise the funds to provide a practice area for our Skate PE kids! Donations to Skate PE at SDA may be made by credit card via Paypal or by phoning the SDA Foundation at (760) 753-1121 x5085.

If you prefer to send a check, make it out to “SDAF” and put “Skate PE” in the memo. Send to:

SDA Foundation
PO Box 235109
Encinitas, CA 92023-5109

Video created by Braden White and Koby Dvorak and Jeremy Pasco.