Sports Update – 01/15/15

Alright, People:

Ohhhh, the action has been heating up for our winter sports teams during this fine January. Now is the time to get on the bandwagon for our basketball and soccer teams so that you don’t get called a fair-weather fan later!

Boys’ Soccer: Do you happen to have an older sibling who was constantly beating you at every athletic activity you tried? Wasn’t that frustrating? On a totally unrelated note, our boys handily defeated LCC last Saturday night. The 3-0 victory was partially the result of a Herculean goal-keeping effort by senior Amin Kaharlani. He stopped a penalty kick, and several point-blank shots. He was ridiculous. Couple that with some beautiful runs by Marco Rivera and Robert Miller, and you get a victory over your big sibling LCC! Most rankings are currently placing the team #2 in all of San Diego County. Next up: Friday night at Torrey Pines – one of only two teams to beat us this season.

Girls’ Basketball: The team has been practicing more than playing over the past week, coming off an extremely busy December. They have been short-handed a great deal early in the season, but it looks like the squad is coming together just in time for a match-up tomorrow night with Canyon Crest Academy at CCA – 7:00 PM for varsity. Junior Emma Schneir is currently leading the team in scoring, followed closely by Jessica Morilak and Erin Filley. Mark my words: These girls are about to go on a hot streak!

Girls’ Soccer: In about four hours, an SDUHSD throw-down will take place out at the stadium. Our girls will attempt the rare LCC sweep for our soccer programs at 6 PM. The team is currently 5-4-1 after a dominant performance against Mission Vista. Juna Bouchekara was responsible for two of the three goals because of some gashing runs she made – meeting some magnificent crosses from her teammates. Yet another clean sheet for Parker Rytz, and the girls are rolling. Get there a few minutes before the game starts. Now that the new stadium speakers are up and running, the pregame dance parties are awesome. If anyone would like to complain about the noise of the music, feel free to contact me directly at doug (dot) kamon (at) sduhsd (dot) net.

Boys’ Basketball: I tend to bypass JV and freshman, because there is just too much to get to with our sports programs; however, these boys deserve some serious recognition. Our freshman team has ten wins to their one loss! They are BEASTS (and not in the way that freshman boys sometimes are BEASTS). The JV team is 9-4. The future of SDA boys’ basketball is just outstanding. The varsity team is undefeated at home! Okay, okay…they’ve only played one home game, and they haven’t won any away games yet, but that one win was awesome! Against Mission Vista, the team was down by 10 at half time, and came out shooting the lights out in the third quarter. They ended up holding off a MVHS surge at the end of the game to win 53-48. Senior Philip Paris was an absolutely terrifying rebounder against players several inches taller than him, and he went off from the 3-point line in the second half. FRIDAY NIGHT! SDA vs CCA in our house at 7 PM. We lost to CCA by 1 point earlier in the season. It’s time for some revenge. Let’s get out there en masse!


Justin Conn
Athletic Director

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