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I know, I know…it’s been a long time since my last update. I promise this one will make up for a couple that I’ve missed. Let’s start by wrapping up our one loose end from winter:

Boys’ Soccer: The team ended up losing 1-0 in the first round of state playoffs to Monrovia HS. Qualifying for state playoffs is rather unprecedented around here. This was one heckuva special season that won’t soon be forgotten.


Track and Field: I am not at all biased toward this sport for any reason at all. It is sheer coincidence that I am the coach, and I listed it first in the update. We have had two track meets so far this season – one invitational where we sent a few kids, and one full-team meet. We ended up defeating Orange Glen yesterday at both JV levels, and the girls’ varsity. Only the boys’ varsity team came up short (or slow). We have had a couple of massive highlights early in the season. Throws Coach Kevin Witt is churning out a steady stream of monster shot put and discus kids. Junior Anthony Sommers has already absolutely blown away the SDA records for shot put (43’6″) and discus (145’4″ – currently third in all of San Diego County). Senior Parker Rytz moved in to 2nd place in SDA history with a shot put of 28’7″…in her first track meet EVER! We have a home meet next Thursday, 3/19 and we would love to have some volunteers help out with events. Let me know if you are interested!

Baseball: The team does not seem to be interested in close games. After losing their first two games by a combined score of 17-2, they beat Mission Vista yesterday 9-1. Zach Haupt, Jake Fosgett, and Gabe Coffidis have been our starting rotation so far on the mound. The team heads off to The Center of the Sun Valley Center tomorrow. The forecast calls for a high of 88 degrees. In March. Because that’s normal.

Boys’ Golf: Ask Marco Martinez. That dude has the best job in all of high school athletics: JV golf coach. I’m pretty sure his swing has already improved this season. I don’t have meet results, but does it really matter? These kids play golf at Encinitas Ranch all the time, and pretty much live the best lives ever.

Softball: The girls have been knocked around by a couple of softball powerhouses this season: RBV and Ramona. They also beat Escondido Charter, and tied (which I didn’t know was a thing that could happen) against Mater Dei Catholic. Senior Alexis Funaki is hucking pitches for us, and senior Geli Turner is leading the team in on-base percentage so far. I’m pretty nervous that Anthony Sommers is going to throw a discus through their outfield fence sometime soon. Until that happens, they have a very nice field. Come check out their next home game against Grossmont on Monday, 3/23.

Boys’ Lacrosse: The LAX bros have only played one game so far. They lost in overtime to a solid Point Loma team. Tonight, we host Mt. Carmel at 7 PM. It’s going to be a gorgeous night to take in a game! I know I should write more sentences about lacrosse, but I just don’t know that much. I just don’t want it to look like I am giving track way more attention than everyone else. Okay…that’s probably about enough sentences.

Girls’ Lacrosse: The girls first home game will be Monday, March 23rd against Patrick Henry. They haven’t played a game yet, but they do run around wearing funny masks and screaming, “GOT BALL!” over and over and over during practice. It’s worth the price of admission (note: admission is free).

Boys’ Tennis: The boys have had a really rough road to start the season. We started off against Torrey and LCC – a couple of absolute county powerhouses. They have also been dealing with quite a bit of illness. The good news is that we have a very large team of 25 boys, and once they get healthy, and start playing their league schedule, they will bring the thunder! Coach A and Joe run a tight ship, and they expect another league title is in the works. Next week = a fresh start!

I promised this would make up for some missing updates. After reading back through it, I’m afraid I have not fulfilled my promise. Oh well. Please send any complaints directly to me at Marco.Martinez@sduhsd.net.

Out like it’s 3:10 (because that’s exactly what time it is right now),

Justin Conn
Athletic Director

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