A message from our President

Bobbi Cecio

Bobbi Cecio, SDAF President

Dear SDA Parents,
Welcome to the 2016-17 School year at San Dieguito Academy! Whether you are returning or arriving at SDA for the first time, this is an exciting time to be here!

As San Dieguito embarks upon its 80th Anniversary, we as members of the SDA community have much to celebrate. As we both look back in gratitude and look forward with wonder and opportunity, the common thread of SDA is, and has always been one of community. It is the strength of the collective community at SDA that has allowed our students to thrive for 8 decades!

Margaret Mead said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Her words epitomize the very essence of this school.

A community is quite simply a group of people with common attitudes, interests and goals. This is a school that has always celebrated our diversity as it is our differences that make our community rich and vibrant. But there is a common thread as well.

It is the thread of our children and our mutual desire and commitment for their success and the possibilities that each of their futures hold. That commonality exists throughout this school and this year, we have the immense opportunity to bring the community experience to new heights as we join hands with our history and forge new pathways into our future. YOU are vital to ensuring that community remains the core of the SDA experience.

Let us join together to ensure that every student knows they are supported, valued and afforded the opportunities to be and become all they desire. Your time, talents and financial support will all serve to cultivate and learning environment where each students has the resources and education to lay the foundation for the world that awaits them.

While your financial support is absolutely essential for the SDAF programs and activities that you value, SDA’s culture needs your personal time and attention as well.

Your high school student may never tell you they want you involved or that they appreciate the ways in which you contribute, but I assure you that they do and just as there is a place for every student at SDA, there too is a place for every parent.

Join a council or participate in one of the many programs supported by the San Dieguito Academy Foundation including: the Fall Fundraiser, Grad Nite, and this year, TEDxEncinitas. Everything we do is positively impacted by parents who give of themselves. These programs all serve to directly benefit all students.

Some examples of free programs sponsored by the SDA Foundation that have benefited all students are:

  • after school tutoring
  • extended library hours
  • support with college essays and English papers in the Writing Lab
  • access to the Naviance college research software
  • recording time at Studio SDA
  • business training at the highly popular Mosaic Café

And to kick off the year, SDAF will host Screenagers on September 8th – a documentary that probes into the vulnerable corners of family life and depicts the struggles, over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. Through surprising insights from authors and brain scientists solutions emerge on how we can empower kids to best navigate the digital world.

All of these programs are made possible by direct contributions and our fundraising efforts. A financial gift will support these and other programs that create an outstanding educational experience for your children. Enclosed is our annual Mustang Fund Appeal donor form. It can be returned during Taking Care of Business days or by going online at: http://sdafoundation.com/donate.

Additionally, please join us at our “80’s for Our 80th” Party at this year’s Fall Fundraiser on November 5th. It will be a night of festivities and celebration that you won’t want to miss!

This is our community. It will be what we make of it. Join me in insuring that we continue a legacy of community and excellence by getting involved. It makes a difference… You make a difference!

I look forward to seeing you on campus and I welcome your ideas and questions.


Bobbi Cecio
President – SDA Foundation