The Writing Lab has gone through several transitions over the years, and the tutors available may change with each quarter and semester. The current tutors are:

Laura Alguire— Laura is the current Writing Lab tutor. She graduated from SDA in 2009, and received a BA in Linguistics from UC Santa Cruz in 2013. In addition to being a tutor in the Writing Lab, she has also spent the past three years working in the Elementary District both after-school and as a substitute teacher. She is currently working towards a multi-subject teaching credential through CSU San Marcos.
Besides a passion for reading and writing, Laura is also an interested in cooking, running, digital art, learning new languages, backpacking, and learning web programming.
She enjoys working with the students of SDA because of their optimism, creativity, uniqueness, and spirit. There is no other school quite like San Dieguito Academy and no better school at which to work or teach.

There are no other tutors working in the Writing Lab at this time.