Coach Steve Davis

Coach Davis on the sand
Coach Steve Davis

Mustang Beach is very fortunate to have volunteer Coach Steve Davis!

Out of the generosity of his spirit and the love of the game he has dedicated himself to Mustang Beach, and is working harder than you can imagine!

No amount of work is too much, including making poles, which he painted Mustang Blue! (Sets up and removes all — with nets and lines — for each practice and match we host.) This is A LOT of work! Thankfully we have assistance from Coach Paul Kotas and volunteer dads Dean and Brent.

PS. Steve’s son is not even playing beach volleyball!

“The bulk of my coaching experience was with 12-18 year olds indoor, for Santa Barbara Youth Volleyball, which later became Team Santa Barbara. I started that program as an undergraduate at UCSB with the help of a parent.

“My beach experience with kids was ISPE for one year with Wave Beach and Matt Olson. However, as a Grossmont College Math instructor I have been able to watch Coach Jamie Ivers take our Women’s teams to a State Championship 2 years ago and losing in the finals this past year.

“More importantly, I love the game of volleyball and coaching kids. I have been playing since I was 12. 40 years later I still love nothing more than going to the beach and knocking the ball around whether it is competing or coaching. Looking forward to working with you all.”

—Coach Davis

Assistant Coach Paul Kotas

Coach Kotas working with net
Coach Paul Kotas

Paul’s valuable past experience includes:

  • Beach Volleyball: Open Rating 1985-2005, Coach women’s pro beach
  • 1987- 2000, 1996 Women’s Beach Olympic Team, coach at Atlanta Summer Games;
  • Indoor: college VB at George Mason University, UCSD, 3 time USVBA
  • All-American, 5 time USVBA National Champion

“I just want these boys to have the same great experience I did playing at the beach.”

—Coach Kotas

Parent Assistant Coach, Dean Zack

Assistant Coach Zack on the sand
Dean Zack

“Volleyball is not only more fun than any other sport, it is a technique sport that can only be played, enjoyed, but never truly mastered.”

—Dean Zack

Parent Assistant Coach Brent Fager

Assistant Coach Fager with other coaches
Brent Fager (on left)

“The coaches of the SDA boys beach volleyball team are enjoying the opportunity to share the love of beach volleyball with our players, a fun sport that takes place in a beautiful setting, that the players will be able to play for many years.”

—Brent Fager