Dr. Terrie Yoshikane

Dr. Terrie Yoshikane

Dr. Terrie Yoshikane supports SDA!

In the last decade Dr. Terrie Yoshikane has contributed over $25,000 of orthodontic services to our annual SDA Fundraiser in order to raise money for the students and programs of our school.

To thank her for this consistent and much-appreciated level of support, the SDA Foundation recognizes Dr. Yoshikane as our featured Partner in Education.

Dr. Terrie Yoshikane has practiced orthodontics in the North County San Diego area for over 20 years. In addition to caring for her patients, she is also committed to serving her community and the orthodontic profession.

“I love the long-term friendships we develop,” she says on her website. “Being able to change people’s lives and give them beautiful smiles is incredible. I can’t think of another profession I’d rather have!”

We want to thank Dr. Yoshikane for her generosity and continued support of our school and our students.

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