2nd annual Girls Alumni Game 12/27/19

me, Maddie “bandaid”, Grace W, Tina B, lauren H, Taylor lesslie, Taylor Gates, Ashlyn H, Erin Riley, Fran Finley, Maddie G. not in pic our captain lily Theise.

DEC 27 2018 first annual alumni game. 16 players as far back as 2007? Boys coach Dick Thiess’s daughter was the oldest so, we made her captain because she was soooo old! but in her defense, she played sooo well.

top right/ Dev, Tina, Audry, Sam, Mimi, Alysa, Elizabeth, Ashlyn, Coach Tom

bottom/ Izzy, Lauren, Taylor G, Taylor L, Le-ah, Lily, coach me

2018 first annual alumni game

Also Alumni, We need your help promoting lacrosse and Mustang Lacrosse!

There are critical needs in our league for Coaching and Reffing. Opportunities to help and make extra money. There is also a women teams that travels for tournaments, this would cost you money.

Let me know and I can help with contact info.

we would like alumni to keep in touch with us “contact sheet” coming soon so we can network with everyone and get messages out for future alumni games.

all coming soon.

also facebook connections..right Sam?