Parent Info

Dear Parents of the SDA Girls Soccer Program:

Congratulations on your daughter being selected to play soccer for the San Dieguito Academy Mustangs. Whether varsity, junior varsity or Fresh/ Soph, we hope your athlete has a positive experience.

Please forgive the length of this letter. I would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to read through this now, since it should answer most budget/contribution questions for the SDA Girls Soccer program and should ensure you are prepared for the Mandatory parent meeting.

On TBD is the Mandatory Parent Meeting in the Gym with Athletic Director Scott Jordon. Immediately following we will finish off with our Soccer Parent Meeting in the TBD. One parent for each player is required to attend the meeting.

Coach Siggy Eyre, Coach Calin Marin, Coach Craig Bedford and I will each have something brief to say to everyone. The Student Athlete meeting with the Athletic Director is TBD immediately following school release in the gym.

As with all public high schools in California and across the nation, parent support is necessary to continue to run extra-curricular activities at the levels we have come to expect for our kids. In the San Dieguito Union High School District, and in particular at San Dieguito Academy, parent support has provided the means for the continued success and growth of our athletic program.

The SDA Girls Soccer Program this year is asking for your support level of $320 as a suggested donation. This donation will be used to provide our Varsity, JV and Fresh/Soph teams with the following:

• Training Equipment, balls, tournament fees, awards, photos, senior night and the team banquet
• Uniforms (the uniforms are returned at the end of the season, but the players keep the 2 pairs of soccer socks)
• Long and Short Sleeve Training gear for all teams to be returned at the end of the season
• Stipends for the Varsity Assistant Coach and the Fresh/Soph Coach and an Athletic Trainer: SDUHSD pays for the head coach of the varsity and junior varsity team, but parent donations pay for the other 2 coaches.
• Transportation: ($100 of the $320 suggested donation goes directly to SDUHSD for transportation costs.) Buses are provided for all the away games except for tournaments.
• Athletic Council General Fund: ($20/player of the $320 donation goes to the Athletic Council General Fund to help with referee fees and other athletic council expenses that help with all teams) We will also be covering a 3rd referee this year for all Varsity games.

On TBD, I would like to collect donations for our contributions from parents on behalf of players. Please know that this is a donation and is not required part of the soccer program. Parent donations are strictly voluntary and are tax deductible when no goods or services are received in return (always check with your tax preparer). You will receive a donation tax receipt from the SDA Foundation.

There are four ways to contribute:

1) Credit card. We will be able to process credit cards (All Credit Cards Accepted) using the SDA Foundation Square machine. Helpers from other teams will be in the Gym on TBD to help take contributions by credit card.

2) A single check on TBD. The check should be made payable to “SDAF”.

3) Two checks, collected TBD. Please postdate one of the checks to January 1, 2019. Both checks should be made to “SDA Foundation”. The postdated check will not be deposited until approximately January 1, 2019.

4) If you would like to discuss alternative arrangements or have questions or concerns about the voluntary donation, timing, etc., please feel free to call me directly on my cell at (760) 815-6410. I am generally very easy to reach, and welcome the chance to speak with you and answer any questions.

Parent donations to SDA Girls Soccer are vitally important. Furthermore, please know that the coaching staff have nothing to do with these donations, nor do these donations factor in any way into the relationship our coaches have with their players or parents.

Thank you in advance for your support with a donation to the SDA Girls Soccer Program and I look forward to seeing you at all of our events and activities this season.

Please sign the form below to acknowledge that you have received this information. Enter your voluntary donation to the SDA Girls Soccer Program and return the form to me onTBD.