Hello, Summer 2017!

Kids in costume
Summer is here! Before you hit the beach, fill out the survey at the end of this post and be entered into a raffle to win a prize! If you did not go to Grad Nite, you only need answer question No. 1 to be entered into the raffle.

And hey! You are alumni now, so why not join the Alumni Association? We’ll never sell or trade your contact information, but we will let you know about events on campus, like our recent tile-making events. And PLEASE LIKE THE ALUMNI PAGE ON FACEBOOK!

Don’t forget to join us in giving a big “thank you” to our Grad Nite photographers: Cécile Abel, Suzanne Mosko, Ellen van der Wagt, and Vanita Tarangelo!

Click here to view Grad Nite 2017 Photo Booth pictures.

Click here to view Grad Nite 2017 Candids.

We also want to extend our THANKS TO THE GRAD NITE COUNCIL for the fantastic job done on behalf of our kids. Members of the Council worked incredibly hard to pull off a wonderful party. THANK YOU!

Please fill out this survey! There are three raffle prizes which will be given to those respondents chosen at random.

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