Revolution Prep $200 Holiday Discount on Tutoring

SDA Families,

Revolution Prep offers tutoring in SAT, ACT, state tests, AP exams, subject tests & all academic areas.  It’s a great time for juniors to prep for spring SAT & ACT exams, and for all students to make sure they are up to speed for the spring semester!

Private tutoring starts at $99 an hour, or $69 an hour with membership. Benefits of working with a Revolution Prep tutor:

  • The most effective, flexible, comprehensive and efficient way to prepare for any test
  • Tutors match based on interests, collegiate goals, personality, schedule, and more
  • 1-on-1 instruction with world-class professional tutors
  • Unlimited practice exams

Why Revolution Prep?

  • Professional tutors At other companies, tutoring is a side job. At Revolution, it’s a career. Our tutors are full-time educators totally dedicated to their students’ success. No other tutoring company can match our tutors’ level of consistency and commitment.
  • Growth mindset Our tutors are trained to instill a growth mindset in their students. Based on cutting-edge research at Stanford, growth mindset helps kids get comfortable with the idea that they will need to struggle with certain topics, and ultimately leads to greater confidence and better academic outcomes.
  • Parent updates With Revolution, we want you to be constantly involved in your child’s academic success. Every week, you will receive a video update from your child’s tutor that details progress to date and upcoming goals.
  • Academic advisors Your dedicated academic advisor oversees your child’s tutoring program to ensure its effectiveness. If for any reason you have a concern, your academic advisor will handle it immediately.

Get started today by calling a Revolution Prep Academic Advisor at 877-738-7737 and mentioning HOLIDAY200.


Revolution Prep also offers the following group course options and need-based scholarships. Please contact an Academic Advisor for more information.  Credit Expires December 31st 2015. $200 discount applies to packages of 10 hours or more.

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