Shared Vision, Board Publications & Governance

Through our Shared Vision, the SDA Foundation strives to provide opportunities for all students at SDA to learn and grow. We are committed to providing tutoring and educational support, maintaining academic rigor and interest-based curriculum, and fostering the culture of acceptance at SDA. Our Shared Vision for an Enriched Educational Experience details the priority programs for the current school year. We welcome your support.

Strategic Planning

In the 2015-16 academic year, SDA Foundation (SDAF) reviewed and revised its strategic direction. As a part of this effort, we met with Principal Bjorn Paige, held discussion groups with SDA staff and emailed all of our SDA parents to invite them to participate in a survey.

The result of these efforts helped to define SDAF’s strategic direction over the next several academic years. This direction has already been used to help guide how SDAF operates, where it focuses its efforts and where it applies resources.

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Board Policies & Procedures/Governance