Make an Appointment

To make an appointment with the Writing Lab, please use the online calendar HERE by selecting an available time slot.  Make sure to provide me with a copy of your work and the prompt (if available), either through sharing a Google Doc with our email or at the basket in the Learning Commons. Please try to keep the tutor hours in mind when scheduling appointments, so that I have time to read your paper before you arrive for your appointment.  The appointment calendar and email are managed regularly during tutor hours, and approximately once a day on non-tutor days.

Feel free to email with any questions:


and let me know if there is something you want specific help with.

Appointments typically last between ten and thirty minutes, depending on how much time and work you have.  You can sign up for more than one appointment time if you feel that the extra time is necessary.  During your appointment, a tutor will provide you with constructive feedback on your paper, including what they like about the paper and what questions they might have. You will have time to ask questions, as well.  Please don’t stress out over an appointment–the tutor is pretty laid back and their job is to help you, not grade you  (and even if we did, just having the guts to come in and talk about your writing would earn you an A for effort!)

So sign up, come in, relax, and maybe have some fun learning how powerful your writing is!

For All Appointments: please put your essays and work in a Google Doc, prompt included, and share it with