Quick Tips

There’s more to the craft of writing than just grammar and formatting.  Writing can be expressive and flowing like a song; beautiful and carefully crafted like a painting; and blunt, powerful, and dumbfounding like a boxer’s fist in your face.  For most professional writers (translate as: writers who love the craft rather than just those who get paid), learning how to manipulate words in wonderful ways is a lifelong task that is full of inspiring moments of realization and insights ranging from deep and profound to “Oh, that’s how you spell hors d’oeuvres!”  We here in the Writing Lab have had and continue to have such moments from time to time, and this is where we’ll try to share them with you–when we remember.  So check back often!

Quick Tips #1:  You’re the Justice System-Research and Analysis Papers

Quick Tips #2:  On Cutting Excess and Writing Research Papers

Quick Tips #3:  More On Research Papers

On Choosing Topics