Fall Golf Season 2023

Please contact Coach Al Zamora if interested in trying out.  Sport packages must be turned in at the Athletic Department to Megan Thompson before Tryouts!

Athletes must attend both tryout dates.  Varsity tryout dates are:

  • August 21st – Hitting Assessment on the Driving Range

Students will be assessed by hitting balls with different clubs at various targets.  They will also hit chip shots and putts.  They will be evaluated based on their performance, fundamental knowledge of technique, golf rules and etiquette.

  • August 22nd – 9 Hole Assessment Round of Golf

  • Check-In at 3:45pm at Encinitas Ranch Golf Course

If you are interested in playing on the SDA Girls Varsity Golf Team, tryouts will be held in the format of a hitting assessment on the first day or 9 holes on the second day. Please keep in mind the following general criteria for playing on the Varsity team.

  • Varsity players average scores of 35-55 on nine holes
  • The best Varsity players play in tournaments throughout the year
  • Varsity players have an established SCGA Handicap
  • Varsity players are in good physical shape and able to walk 18 holes
  • Varsity players want to excel on an Individual and Team level

Note: SDA Girls Golf does welcome all players of all levels to participate.  We try not to cut players in order to develop young golfers into Varsity quality players, and to grow the game.  Due to the availability of the golf course our “no cut” policy may change at any time.

All players interested in trying out for the Varsity team must attend tryouts in order to be considered for the team. Returning Varsity Players are also expected to attend so further evaluation of your game and scores will determine Individual Rankings. If you will be on vacation during this time it is imperative that a parent contact Coach Zamora at alz@gottagolfusa.com.  Students are expected to attend tryouts with their own golf clubs and proper golf attire: shorts with at least a 6” inseam, collar shirt and golf shoes. Arrive 20 min before tee times for warm up.