Important Information About Goggles

Recent regulation changes have banned certain types of goggles for high school play.  Field hockey players should be aware that just because the seller says their product is approved for field hockey the goggles might not be approved for high school field hockey.  Make sure that ASTM F2713 is clearly posted on the package. Wire field hockey goggles are required to have the front bars that go over the eyes, while most lacrosse goggles do not have these.  Attached is an image that shows the difference of the front bars.  Note, some deBeer and Bangerz goggles are now deemed illegal.

Are Your Goggles Legal?
Goggles [brand/name] ITEM CODE Field Hockey ASTM 2713 Women’s Lacrosse ASTM 3077-14 Youth Lacrosse ASTM 3077-14
Bangerz Elite LHSE Approved Approved Approved
Bangerz Sunglass Eyeguard LHS7900 Approved Approved
Bangerz Goggle LHPG
Bangerz Sleek Fitting Eyeguard LHS5500
Bangerz Sleek Fitting Eyeguard Youth LHS6000Y Approved Approved Approved
Bangerz Over the Glasses LHOGG Approved
STX 2 SEE Pro TI Dual Sport Goggle STXGFTP Approved Approved Approved
STX 2 SEE Dual Sport Goggle STXFHG Approved Approved Approved
STX 2 SEE YOUTH Dual Sport Goggle STXFHGY Approved Approved Approved
STX Rookie Goggle LSGGLXR Approved Approved Approved