San Dieguito Academy Foundation

We need your voluntary support
Dear Parents:  We are going to have a great swim season this year, but we need your help.  With limited funding in the school district for sports, each athletic team must be self‐sustaining. This means that we need to collect donations to cover a large percentage of the cost of the SDA Swim Team’s 2023 budget expenses (meet fees, swim caps, equipment, etc.)

Each swim team family will have the opportunity to consider voluntarily donating $150 to help cover team expenses beyond what the school district provides.  This donation will be processed by the SDA Foundation and will be specifically designated to support the SDA Swim Team.  Your voluntary donation may be tax deductible.

To make your donation, click on the SDA Foundation Mustang Fund link and then use PayPal to process your payment, being sure to click on the “special instructions” plus sign and type in your child’s name and Swim Team to designate the funds to go to the team.

In addition, parents of swimmers will be asked to volunteer their time to assist with race timing (this gives you a front row seat!) and scoring swim meets.