All SDA students are encouraged to try out for a sports team. In order to try out, the athlete must complete the following clearance process.

  1. Go to and complete the online clearance for the 2019-20 school year (do not use last year’s clearance). Use this link for a step-by-step guide.
  2. Print confirmation page.
  3. Have a physical performed by an MD, DO, PA, or NP. The physical must not be older than one calendar year and must include the provider’s signature on this form: Download Physical Form Here
  4. Make a photocopy of your health insurance card and most recent report card.
  5. Turn hard copies of the following 4 documents to the Athletic office by the dates below: confirmation page from, physical, photocopy of health insurance card, and copy of most recent report card.

Athletic Clearance Due Dates

Fall Sports: 8/1

Winter Sports: 11/1

Spring Sports: 2/1


The San Dieguito Union High School District does not provide medical insurance coverage should an athlete get hurt during a school activity. However, the District does make student-accident insurance available if the athlete does not have insurance. Please visit

PE Credit Option

A student can earn 5 PE credits per season with a maximum of 20 credits earned through participation on a SDA sports team. Download the form here. The option is available to grades 10-12. The FITNESSGRAM must be passed the year prior to applying for credit. For FITNESSGRAM Performance Standards, please click here.

PE Credit Option Due Dates

Fall Sports: September 15

Winter Sports: December 15

Spring Sports: March 15

Please refer to the Parent-Player Handbook for more information.