Tryout Dates for Spring 2021
February 24-25: Hitting Assessments: Begins at 3:30pm
March 1st – 4th: Range Practice: Begins at 3:45pm

Ranking Rounds
March 10th: 9 Hole Round: Check-In at 3:30pm
March 11th: 9 Hole Round : Check-In at 3:30pm

Site: Encinitas Ranch Golf Course
Please be at the golf course by Check-In time.

Note: Due to Covid 19 and limited access to Encinitas Ranch Golf Course, tryout for the team will be two 9 hole rounds of golf on March 10th and March 11th. However, we will have hitting assessments and ranges practices beginning on February 24th. We are working closely with Encinitas Ranch to accommodate season practices and match schedule, and will update this website as soon as possible.

If you are interested in playing on the competitive SDA Boys Varsity Golf Team, tryouts will be held in the format of a hitting assessment on the first day and two 9 hole rounds on day 2 and day 3. The Head Coach may choose to bypass the hitting assessment and have 3 days of 9 hole rounds. Please keep in mind the following general criteria for playing on the Varsity team.

  • Varsity players average scores of below par to 45 on nine holes
  • The best Varsity players play in tournaments throughout the year
  • Varsity players are committed to improving all year round
  • Varsity players are in good physical shape and able to walk 18 holes
  • Varsity players want to excel on an Individual and Team level

SDA Boys Golf welcomes players of all levels to participate and tryout for the team, in order to develop young golfers into Varsity quality players.

All players interested in trying out for the Varsity team must attend at least 2 tryout dates in order to be considered for the team. Returning Varsity Players are also expected to attend so further evaluation of your game and scores will determine Individual Rankings. If you will be on vacation during this time it is imperative that a parent contact Coach Zamora. Students are expected to attend tryouts with their own golf clubs and proper golf attire: golf style shorts or pants, collar shirt, and golf shoes. Arrive at least 20 minutes before tee times for warm up.

Sport packages must be turned in at the Athletic Department to Megan Thompson before Tryouts!

If you are interested in trying out for the Varsity Team, please email Coach Zamora or Jennifer Crook