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Welcome to SDA Track & Field, the world’s oldest sport that offers something for everyone – jumping, sprinting, running, and throwing. Throughout Europe, track & field is commonly known as “Athletics.”

There are three SDA Track & Field program objectives:

Create a challenging environment that encourages the student-athlete to learn and apply the principles of GRIT to achieve the best possible outcomes in track & field as well as in life:

Goals – set a direction
Resilience – overcome obstacles
Initiative – make it happen
Tenacity – fight for it


Develop better athletes that can reach their full potential through training all of the five bio-motor skills not only over the current season but over multiple years:
Speed – apply proper force to ground and improve running mechanics
Strength – maximize amount of force body can produce
Flexibility – improve joints range of motion
Endurance – increase amount of time performance can be held
Coordination – perform combination of required movement patterns

Gain confidence as an athlete as well as a person through a commitment to staying in the present and making the most of each moment in training as well as competition

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Communication and Team Administration
Athletes should communicate directly with their primary “event coach” for any concerns or absences. If needed, please contact the Head Coach – Bre Schofeld (760-402-7884). The Track Team Parent will send out email updates regarding meets, volunteers needed, fundraising events, team photo reminders, etc..

In early spring, each athlete will be issued five uniform pieces: singlet, warm-up jacket, shorts, warm-up pants and duffel bag.  Practice t-shirts, which athletes can keep, will be handed out sometime after in early March. If uniforms are lost or damaged, fees will apply and be entered in Aeries. At the end of the season, please return uniforms clean and without sticker residue.

Stay in touch
SDA is using the AthleticAPP to communicate this season. Go to to download the app, then sign up with our team code: 9K67HWUM.

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