Get ready for SDA girls lacrosse season!  

The Mustangs kicked off the 2017 LAX season with tryouts in early spring.  Check out the game schedule below, and come cheer on the lady Mustangs.

Girls 2017 LAX schedule  **UPDATED April 7, 2017

2017 Varsity Roster

Note: The following roster does not reflect the new jerseys.  Some player numbers have since changed.

1Leah Haverkamp
2Tina Bullington
3Maddie Garcia
5Erin Reilly
7Gracie Williams
9Elizabeth Anderson
11Lena Mau
12Hope Hajek
13Molly Vonder
15Franchesca Finley
16Ashlyn Haines
17Kirstin Mueller
19Devon Maguire
20Lauren Hohmeyer
21Taylor Lesley
23Maya Montes
24Maya Goldschmidt
29Madison Tucker
30Katherine Tarangelo
34Gaby Vonder
43Kaitlyn Nolan


2017 Junior Varsity Roster

Note: The following roster does not reflect the new jerseys.  Some player numbers have since changed.

6Jordan Feffer
10Nadia Reynoso
22Remy Grossman
28Taylor Gates
30Alanna Carrasca
31Jennifer Eng
32Summer Horton
33Erin Grady
35Rebecca Lampi
36Nancy Saltamachio
37Kennessey Jester
38June Lawver
39Alicia Wallace
40Keyara Vargas
41Sophia Uecker
42Janie Overland
44Kira Anderson
45Ellie Sylvester
46Rachel Hohmeyer
47Malia Pandes
48Haley Kawar
49Lila Scheif
51Mackenzie Tucker
52Siona Rector
53Nika Joulapour
55Angelina Saunders