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Coaches LOG: This is Coach Chuck, Want to welcome you to our Web site. If you want to have a blast in the spring play lacrosse! You will not be sorry. The information to sign up is semi updated as of the date above. In addition, Please email me your contact information so i cant get you on our CONTACT list. Rookies welcome

Coach Chuck Kaczmarek  kaczz.stuff@cox.net  619-723-6075 /Also follow us on Instagram  http://@sdagirlslax

2022 Season officially begins Feb 12 to May 18/ We play 17 to 20 games/  JV and Varsity  20 players each/  As always Rookies are welcome! Lacrosse is a running sport, we do have tryouts, but it is more important to be athletic than have lacrosse skills, but some skills do help. We teach 10 plus rookies a year to play on JV. GO TO LEARNING TOOLS AND WATCH SHORT VIDEOS

DOWNLOAD Roster and schedule of teams 2022            

lax 22 roster


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Get ready for SDA girls lacrosse 2022 season! 

Check out the Program Information page of this website for most of the forms and more details. below on this page… forms.    Go to “Learning tools” for videos on “shooting space”, new “self start” how to cradle. Check learning page now and then.






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