Player/Parent Expectations and Agreement


  • Freshman practices will be generally held from 4-5:30 pm on M/Tu/Th. JV practices will generally be held from 3:50-5:20 on M/Tu/Th. Varsity practices will generally be held from 7:30-9:00 pm on M/Tu/Th. Times and locations are subject to change due to field availability and scheduling issues. We share the field with girls soccer and other school organizations, so we appreciate your patience and understanding with changes to the regular schedules.
    • Freshmen generally train on grass @ Oakcrest Middle School on the lower field, which is in great condition. Freshmen should bring equipment to school and get a carpool or walk from school to the Oakcrest field.
    • JV and Varsity teams generally train on the SDA stadium field.
  • Coastal League games are scheduled for every Wednesday and Friday. We also have many games scheduled in December for pre-season including the North Coastal and So Cal Classic tournaments. Teamsnap is the best way to get information.
  • Practice attendance is mandatory. Please see information below regarding expectations for illness and injuries.
  • Be on the field and ready to go at the time practice is scheduled to start.
  • No club jerseys at practice.
  • Injuries/Sickness – injured players must attend practice. If you are unable to train, we will send you to the training room for treatment. If you are not feeling well but still attend school, please come to practice and check in with your coach. If you are ill and do not come to school, stay home and get well.
  • If you are unable to attend a practice or game for any reason, you must contact your coach in advance!
  • Missed practices may affect playing time.

Locker Room Procedures

  • Don’t leave anything unattended in the locker rooms.
  • We suggest you bring everything to the soccer fields with you.
  • If you want a locker, we will issue a locker and lock.

Club Conflicts/ODP

  • Per CIF rules, players cannot participate in high school scrimmages or games while still competing for their club teams.
  • Per CIF rules, players who play in a high school game and play in a club game (or any organized soccer game) afterwards will be ineligible for the remainder of the high school season. Furthermore, all high school contests that the player participated in will be forfeited in, and the team’s record will be affected.
  • Players finishing up club commitments in November and early December ARE allowed to train with their high school teams and are expected to attend practice.
  • Players participating in ODP events during the high school season must notify the coaches in advance. Coaches will notify SDA administration for confirmation that the event is approved by CIF. Participation in an ODP event MUST be pre-approved by SDA Administration.

College ID Camps

  • Per current CIF rules, players may attend TWO college ID camps without penalty as long as they are approved by CIF. Please send an email to Scott Jordan, SDA Athletic Director (, and cc Mike Elenz-Martin and team liaisons for visibility. If you plan to attend a college ID camp, please send the camp flier and/or website in your email for Mr. Jordan to send to CIF for approval.


  • All JV and Freshman players are required to ride the bus to and from all games.
  • For the 2022-23 season, Varsity players will not travel to games by bus.
  • Players who miss the bus will not be eligible to play in that day’s game. No exceptions.
  • If there are extenuating circumstances that require alternate transportation after the game, coaches must approve the request. Please complete the SDA Foundation form on our website ( or submit a note to coach 24 hours in advance.

Playing time

  • Playing time is based on performance, effort, attitude, and attendance at practices and games.
  • There is no guaranteed amount of playing time.

Player Expectations

  • Be on time to all practices, games, and team functions.
  • Be prepared with all needed equipment, including cleats, running shoes, shin guard, uniforms, and water.
  • Come prepared to be part of the team.
  • Come prepared to do your best.
  • Be positive.
  • Be respectful and represent SDA and our soccer program well on the field, in the classroom, in the community, and on social media – BE SMART ABOUT WHAT YOU POST.
  • Be respectful to coaches, teammates, opponents, fans, and officials.

Semester Break

  • Winter break falls from 12/23-1/10 this year, but there are still team events:
    • Alumni Game – December 26, 7 pm
    • North County Coastal and SoCal tournaments – check TeamSnap for specific team schedules.
  • While we encourage attendance for all trainings and events, if a player must miss some games during winter break, he will NOT serve an automatic 1-2 game suspension. Players are expected to suit up upon return although there may be limited playing time due to attendance.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

  • The use or possession of alcohol, tobacco (chewing or smoking), drugs, or use of vapes during the playing season will result in suspension from the team.
  • It is also an automatic suspension from school and a 30 day sit out period from any extra curricular activity.

Parent Expectations

  • No coaching from the sidelines or bleachers! Please do not instruct your player or anyone else’s player.  Please leave the coaching to the coaches!
  • Please model positive behavior in stands to both teams and officials.

Player/Parent Communication

  • All soccer specific issues such as playing time, positions, strategies, etc. will be discussed between the coaches and the players. If your player has questions or concerns about his role on the team, please encourage him to speak with us directly so we can provide feedback to help him achieve his goals.
  • Please observe the “24 hour rule” – if you are upset about something that has gone on during a game, please DO NOT approach the coaches on the field after the game. Please respect the “24 hour rule” and contact the coach after that time has passed. This time serves as a cool down period and allows both parties to speak more reasonably.
  • Should a parent wish to discuss any issues, the parent must contact the coach to set up a meeting before or after practice. The coach will discuss your player only and will not discuss any other player.