General Program Information/FAQ

General info

  • When is the boys soccer season? Boys Soccer is typically a winter sport running November – February, with CIF/ Regional games can going into late March.
  • How many teams are there? Typically, boys soccer consists of three teams that are formed each year following tryouts: Varsity, Junior Varsity (JV) and Freshmen/Frosh
  • When is the CIF no-contact (and what is it)? The no-contact period is mandated by CIF San Diego Section “to provide a competitive environment that will encourage coaches, athletes, and families to remain in our school programs without being overburdened with excessive time commitments. To that end, schools in the CIFSDS establish no contact policies to insure that student–athletes will have a defined period of time that schools and coaches may not intrude upon” (CIF San Diego Section Greenbook, ARTICLE XX – NO-CONTACT PERIOD)

Official Tryouts

Tryouts are normally held in November prior to the start of the high school winter season.

Expectations once Teams are Formed

  • Attend the Mandatory Player/Parent Meetings, typically shortly following tryouts:
    1. Pre-season Sports meeting w/Athletic Director
    2. Boys soccer parents’ meeting w/the boys soccer Liaisons and coaching staff.  Players should not attend this meeting.
  • Attend all team practices
  • Attend all team games


This website will be the primary source of information during the preseason, up to and including tryouts.  

Once teams are selected, the team liaisons will use TeamSnap for our calendar and email/text communication from Team Parents and Coaches.  More information will be given to parents once teams are formed.