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My name is Ethan Davis, and I played for the boys soccer team three of my four years at SDA. During those three years, I made some of my fondest memories and got to be a part of a program that fosters success on and off the field. I graduated this past year (Class of 2021) after a great senior season and am attending the University of Oregon this fall. 

To anyone reading this that isn’t certain whether they want to try out or not, go for it! Playing soccer for my high school team was a different experience than any other team I’ve ever played on. The team camaraderie is so strong, and it’s fun to see your teammates on the field and in the classroom. Playing for a school like SDA, you’ll find a healthy balance between academics and athletics supported by great teachers and a motivated coaching staff. 

Thank you so much to the coaching staff, the dedicated players, fans, and Duff Pickering for always putting their best foot forward to help this team get to the next level. I’m so grateful to have had this experience, and I can’t recommend it enough. Looking forward to seeing what this program goes on to achieve! Go Mustangs!


My name is Ben Fraser, and I played three of my four years with the Varsity team at SDA.  I’m very thankful for this program and honored that I could be a two-time captain and lead the team to a CIF Final my senior year. I graduated with the class of 2021, and I’m continuing my academic and athletic career at Chapman University in Orange, California. 

I am very grateful for the opportunity that the soccer program has given me. All of my best memories from high school have all come from representing SDA on the soccer field and getting to play alongside my best friends. Seeing the growth that the program has gone through since I was a freshman is amazing to see. Every year, new and talented players would come out and play for the team, improving the level of play at our school. 

A special thank you to the coaches, players, fans, and videographer for always pushing the team in the right direction. I have high hopes that SDA will continue to grow and improve athletically and encourage any students who are interested to try out because of how much fun it is to play for your school alongside an amazing group of teammates.


My name is Derek Sando, and I was a part of the senior class of 2021 at SDA. I am continuing my education as well as my soccer career at Vassar College in New York. I played soccer for SDA since freshman year, and every year just got better and better. I enjoyed playing alongside other students and some of my closest friends.

I think SDA is a great spot for a wide variety of people to attend. It helps students maintain a high academic standard while also pushing for success in athletics. My favorite part about SDA is its fast paced, flexible schedule. Being able to take 8 classes each year and also many electives that have helped me form a career path has been amazing.

I want to thank Coach Mike, Kyle, and Eddie for believing in me as a player. I would never be where I am today without their help. I also want to thank Phil, who would stay after practice with me almost every night to do sprints and give advice. I really appreciate Duff Pickering for filming all the games, sending footage to me, and also explaining the recruiting process in depth. Many teachers throughout high school were very helpful, but Mrs. Leonard, Mr. Brice, Mr. Anderson, and Mrs. Koda were especially so. All these teachers helped me outside of class time to succeed academically as well as pushed me the extra mile to become a better person. Thank you to all my friends and family who have been there for me since day one.


My name is Sam Daitch, and I was a part of the senior class of 2021 at SDA. I am continuing my soccer career and academics at Humboldt State University in the CCAA conference. I have played SDA soccer since my freshman year and it has honestly been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have been lucky enough to share these experiences with my best friends, many who I met through playing SDA soccer.

SDA is an amazing school for many different people. It has something for everybody which is a trait that not many high schools have. I really liked having the ability to take 8 classes a year. It allowed me to experience many cool classes as well as have a supportive system that allowed me to thrive academically.

SDA soccer is a very special program that has so many people who care about your academic and athletic development. I would like to thank Coach Mike and Coach Kyle for helping me become a better teammate and college player. I would also like to thank Coach Eddie for spending many hours helping me perfect my skill as a goalkeeper. And a huge thanks to the parent volunteers who consistently go above and beyond to create an amazing soccer experience that any kid would be lucky to be a part of. Some of my greatest memories of my high school years are from the amazing soccer program we have at SDA.

Lastly, I would like to thank all my friends, family, and other parents for making my SDA soccer career something I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.


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