MIDI/Recording Arts

MIDI (Composition/Recording Arts) (B6653) Want to compose and record your own music, while also learning how to read traditional music notation? Spend time creating your own professional-quality recordings in our high-tech music lab. No prior music experience is necessary. The lab is equipped with new Mac computers, digital recording equipment, and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) keyboards. Fundamental lessons will be given in microphone technique, digital audio technology, signal processing, and stereo mix-down procedures. Students will work either individually, or in small groups, to produce a 3-song demo album of their work. Students can create songs using pre-composed music loops, or even play & record their own material live in the studio! Meets VPA requirement for graduation.

SDA Music Lab

MicroLesson 1
MicroLesson 1 Demo
MicroLesson 1 Video Lesson
MicroLesson 2
MicroLesson 2 Demo
MicroLesson 3
MicroLesson 3 Demo

Lesson 1 – MIDI Cover Song
Sample Chord Chart

See if you can recreate the following loops!
Challenge Demo 1