Music Council

The SDAF Music Council is part of the San Dieguito Academy Foundation (SDAF), which is a California nonprofit corporation. We work closely with the SDAF to raise funds to meet the needs of all students at the school.

The purpose of the SDAF Music Council is to:

Create & maintain an enthusiastic interest in all aspects of music at SDA; provide financial, organizational, & moral support for the activities of music programs at SDA; facilitate communication between students, teachers, & parents; & promote music culture throughout the school & community at large.

Meetings are generally held on the second Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the SDA conference room.  Please attend a meeting and consider joining our council!

Please contact sdamusicprogram at  if you have any questions.

2020-2021 Music Council

  • Chair: James “Shep” Largent
  • Vice Chair/Financial Secretary:  Joy Sheppard
  • Treasurer:  Jennifer Harris
  • Secretary:  Sarah Becker

Members at large:

  • Communications: Vacant
  • Hospitality: Vacant
  • Restaurant Night: Ratna Dube
  • See’s Candy: Cindy Reyes
  • Trip Chair: Tim Grenda

Committee Chairs:

  • Attire: Need
  • Cabaret Night Representative / Planner: Need
  • Historian: Need
  • Outreach: Need


  • Attire: Take measurements for students needing attire. Send parents order information. Facilitate borrowed attire.
  • Cabaret Night Representative/Planner: Co-Chair event along with representative from Theater. Usually occurs at the end of the year.
  • Historian: Takes photos / archives / Yearbook liaison / organizes professional
  • Outreach: Ties between our program/students and the middle school and elementary students. Bringing in clinicians. Looks at opportunities for the ensembles or groups of students to perform in the community.