Pit Orchestra

The Pit Orchestra is a small ensemble of musicians that accompanies the Spring Musical each year. Since we are serving as accompanists for the Theatre Program, a high level of musicianship and commitment is expected from all Pit Orchestra participants. Note: This is an extra-curricular activity, and there are no credits offered for the Pit Orchestra.

The Pit Orchestra is selected by Mr. Wuertz based on the following set of criteria (in this order): instrumentation, technical proficiency (as observed by all music staff members), playing test scores, and seniority. Anyone with questions about the criteria outlined above are encouraged to see Mr. Wuertz. Students enrolled in Wind Ensembles will receive first consideration for this group. The remaining spots will be filled as needed from the general student body.

Here is a sample schedule that students can use to understand the time commitment involved with being a part of the Pit Orchestra.
Pit Orchestra Contract 2016