The councils act as booster groups, raising funds and providing volunteers to programs within the school including Academic teams, Athletics, Grad Nite, Music and Theatre Arts. Committees work with BRIDGE, Veterans and Alumni.

Everyone is invited to attend any or all of the councils and committees that make up SDAF.
Check out each council’s monthly meeting dates below and help us to keep SDA’s spirit alive!

Academic Council

Supports academic teams like Speech & Debate and Robotics

Alumni Committee

Preserves the history, traditions and memorabilia of SDA

Athletic Council

SDA sports scores and soars with parent support

Grad Nite Council

Organizes a fun, spectacular on-campus party for our seniors

Music Council

Encourages SDA musicians and supports music program

Theatre Arts Council

Supports SDA’s theatre program — all are welcome to join

Athletics Council

Supports our student athletes and athletic programs at SDA

Oliver Day Athletic Council Chair
Scott Jordon, Athletic Director
Megan Thompson, Athletic Secretary

Meets 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30pm in the Mustang Commons

SDAF Council Support Forms

The Foundation has a host of services, databases, and people dedicated to help you be successful. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you.

Click on the dropdown menu for various forms in PDF and Excel that you can use for council activities and events. Most of the PDF forms are fillable to Adobe or other PDF Reader. For best results, download to your hard drive, fill out, and save and/or print.

Donor Form
Use this form if you are soliciting donors (money or goods and services). When you turn it into the office, SDAF will issue a receipt for the donor. Please note: SDAF needs a valid mailing address in order to recognize the donation (many storefronts do not accept mail). If you need 3-part donor forms (one copy for the donor, one copy for SDAF and one copy for your records) stop by the Foundation office to pick them up.

Check/Reimbursement Request
Use this form if you need to pay a vendor or if you need reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses on behalf of your Council. Make sure you obtain signatures from your team/club head and your Council. It’s always a good idea to plan on 2 weeks for a check request to be processed.

Deposit Form
If you have collected money for your Council, submit it for deposit to SDAF with this form.

Generic Budget Worksheet
You volunteered (or were volunteered) to be the team or club “manager.” Now what? You need to have a plan! The budget worksheet helps you estimate your expenses — and how much money you need to raise cover these expenses.

Special Event Fundraiser Checklist
Every club or team can use some financial support. If you have a fundraising event, this is where you start! This fundraiser checklist will guide you through the steps you need to take to

  • Ensure there are no calendar conflicts with another fundraiser
  • Ensure you have the support you need from SDAF
  • Help you make the most out of the different marketing opportunities

Raffle Packet
Please do not consider a raffle or opportunity drawing until you review our Raffle / Opportunity Drawing Checklist, which will help guide you through the tangle of laws and statues regarding such events.

Grant Request Form
Have a school-related project that needs funding? Use this form to ask the Foundation for financial assistance. Review the Shared Vision document to determine if your project qualifies.

Press Release Guide
For a successful event, you need publicity. Let the Foundation help you by getting you media attention with a press release sent to our database of key media contacts, including print, television, social media, and radio.

CCT Policy and Insurance (2023-24)
These are the policies, guidelines and forms for Camps, Clinics and Tournaments (CCT) that run outside of season play and managed through the Foundation.

W9 Form
SDA Foundation W9 form prefilled and signed for fundraisers and other vendor needs.

Are you looking for an official Mustang logo to put on a flyer? We have three sizes for you. To save, right-click and choose “save target as.”